10 Best Summer Wines For Day Drinking

This article originally appeared on POPSUGAR on July 28, 2018. You can read it in its original form here.

Nothing says Summer quite like patio drinks at 2 o’clock, and no drink is more refreshing for daytime sipping than a nice, light-bodied wine. While Fall and Winter lend themselves to fruity, bold reds, Summer is all about those crisp whites, smooth Rosés, and, contrary to popular belief, even a few light-bodied reds. Hand-picked straight from the experts, these 10 wines are highly rated, affordable, and perfect for day drinking. Put them on a bucket of ice and get ready to sip and savor them all Summer long.

2017 Brethren of the Road Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer is historically a German wine, but this 2017 vino’s grapes actually come from Italy. Blended in Monterey, CA, this Gewürztraminer is extremely pure and crisp — perfect for hot Summer days.

2017 Cape Route Cinsault

This South African wine is decidedly “new world” and great for anyone who wants to try something completely different from the norm. Light-bodied and fruit-forward, it is one of those exceptions to the “whites and Rosés only during the Summer” rule. And, bonus, it’s made with eco-friendly practices.

2016 Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc

Here’s one for all you Sour Patch Kids fans. This Chenin Blanc has notes of green apple, pear, grapefruit, and quince. Pair it with light summertime meals or drink it all on its own.

Salmon Sancerre Vieilles Vignes

Though it may seem confusing, some wines are titled after the region in which they are grown (like Burgundy or Champagne), while others follow the name of the predominant grape from which they are made (like Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc). Sancerre comes from the Sancerre region in the Loire Valley of France and is often made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. So, this particular Sancerre is essentially a Sauvignon Blanc. Like most wines made from this grape, it is dry and zesty with a light body and refreshingly crisp flavor.

Fleur de Mer Rosé

Rosé all day with this elegant yet fun wine from Cotes de Provence, France. Rosé is the unofficial wine of summertime, and this French wine is a fantastic iteration. It offers subtle flavors of watermelon, peach, cherry, citrus, lavender, and herbs.

2016 Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Riesling is another wine known for its light body and subtle flavors. Kung Fu Girl Riesling is a perennial favorite and crowd-pleaser that boasts light, crisp flavors like citrus, lime, and peach.

Tom Gore Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

An Editors’ Choice favorite at Wine Enthusiast, this refreshing Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and light with notes of apples. Are you noticing a trend here? Sauvignon Blanc is arguably the best Summer wine varietal there is.

2016 Clos Cibonne Cotes de Provence Rosé Tentations

Here’s another summery Rosé that will carry you from Sunday brunch all the way through to your patio drinks. With traces of spice and sweet apricot, this well-rounded wine makes the perfect complement to appetizers and desserts.

2016 Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand is a country that prides itself on its “Sav,” and this Sauvignon Blanc is no exception. Spy Valley’s Sauvignon Blanc is one of the top-rated wines from the region, encompassing a classic dry, crisp New Zealand style.

2016 Field Theory Blaufränkisch

This Blaufränkisch may be from Paso Robles, CA, but it’s made in Austrian-style tradition. If you’re not familiar with Blaufränkisch, its flavor is somewhere between a fruity Grenache and a spicy Pinot Noir, making it an interesting choice. With a light body and mild sweetness, it’s the perfect Summer vino for red wine lovers.