Stan’s Donuts, Table Donkey & Stick, and Florence+the Machine

I’m in New York this week, which is as big a surprise to you as it is to me. Well, maybe not that much of a surprise, but I only planned the trip a couple of weeks ago. I’d been reading the latest issue of Vogue and longing for something a little more cosmopolitan than Wisconsin, and since I didn’t have a lot of other travel plans lined up, I decided to come to NYC.

But before I post about New York, I wanted to share updates from last weekend’s Chicago culinary adventure.

To celebrate Logan’s birthday, we got an Airbnb in the appropriately named Logan Square area, and proceeded to eat our way through the neighborhood. I’m going to warn you, though – my food choices last weekend weren’t as healthy as is characteristic of this blog. But eating yummy, unhealthy things once in a while is part of life.

We started off with donuts from Stan’s, mainly because Logan is obsessed with Stan’s Donuts. To be fair, they’re really, really good. We got a platter of six different, extremely decadent donuts: (starting from top left and working clockwise) lemon-pistachio old fashioned, coconut cake, chocolate cake, Nutella-banana filled, peanut butter-banana filled, and blueberry old fashioned.


My favorite remains the lemon-pistachio old fashioned, and Logan’s was the coconut cake. There really wasn’t a bad donut in the box, though. All of them were fresh, doughy, sweet, flavorful and ideally textured; the old-fashioneds were a little crispy around the outside (which I love!), while the cake donuts were super soft. So, so good.

After the donuts (which stood in for birthday cake), we went walking around the neighborhood for a bit. If you’re in the Midwest, you may recall that Saturday was incredibly hot and muggy. At least it didn’t rain, though! We ended up stopping at Billy Sunday for cocktails.


Logan ordered the Yes We Can!, a mix of Yusho Funaguchi Sake, Jamaican gold rum, pineapple tepaché (a drink made from pineapple rind), lime, cilantro and amchur bitters. It was served in the sake’s original can (super cute) and tasted bright and pineapple-y, with the sake’s unique flavor adding some dimension to an otherwise sweet drink. I went with the Flowing Konomi, which was made of white Bordeaux, tequila, matcha, sesame leaf and lemon. I thought mine tasted kind of like a lemon-flavored mojito, which is weird, because they share none of the same ingredients. Nonetheless, it had a similar light, airy and mildly sweet flavor.

After our little happy hour, we got ready for dinner and a show. I took Logan to see A Nude Hope: A Star Wars Burlesque at the Gorilla Tango Theater. Our attendance at this show has been a long time coming. We initially came into the city to see it back in March, but unfortunately a bout of food poisoning prevented us from going. The show itself was way different than what I’d expected. There were literally about 10 people in the audience, and the show was very bare-bones. The writing was hilarious, though, and the actresses were really enthusiastic performers with great dance moves. I’d recommend it, but it’s not exactly a huge production or anything.

Before the show, though, we had dinner at Table, Donkey and Stick. I’d been wanting to try this restaurant for a long time. It’s one of Logan Square’s more upscale eateries, and in true, hip fashion, it’s located in a very understated building off the beaten path.

I was too busy enjoying the food to take very many pics, but you can see some of our small plates in this photo.


Our charcuterie plate included smoked trout, lamb salami, sesame seed bread and assorted cheeses with honey and candied walnuts. For dinner, Logan got steak and I had polenta.

Overall, the dinner was OK. I’m not going to pretend it blew my mind. I was kind of disappointed, as I’d been anticipating this dinner being super good. But really, it was just kind of blah. Good ideas and decent execution, but really, the flavors and ingredients were pretty average. For something relatively upscale, it wouldn’t be my first choice in the area.

The weekend as a whole was amazing though. We spent the following day walking around aimlessly (it was much cooler and more pleasant on Sunday) and enjoying the city before finishing the weekend at the Florence+the Machine concert in Tinley Park. Florence is one of my favorite performers, and this was my first time seeing her live. She’s such a flower child, twirling around the stage in her long, billowy dresses all night long.

Those pipes, though.


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