Scenes from Sydney

I promise I’m still alive!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I have been really, really busy. For those of you who aren’t fellow content marketing writers, I’ll provide a bit of insight into my job. We deliver articles to our clients on a monthly basis, which means that the end of each month tends to be a scramble. I won’t bore you with the details, but it can get pretty intense if you haven’t planned your month correctly. I’m not usually too bad about this, but September has been a weird month all around.

It’s not technically the last week of the month yet, but for me, it might as well be. I’m on holiday (notice the terminology) next week because Nick is coming to visit! We have big plans to rent a campervan and drive around the South Island looking for stereotypically Kiwi things to do. I promise to post pictures and stories of what I’m sure will be a really fun trip.

I addition to planning this road trip/training for my upcoming half marathon/scrambling to finish my September assignments a week ahead of time, I also visited a new country last week! (I won’t pretend it doesn’t feel awesome to write that.)

photo (5)

My trip to Sydney

You may recall that about a month ago, I posted about feeling a bit … not homesick, per say, but off. Moving across the world is hard, especially when you are close to people who can’t accompany you on your adventures. As I was sitting in my room writing about yogic inspiration and trying not to wallow in self-pity, I realized that this trip would be significantly more rewarding if I stopped whining and did more exploring. So, in the space of about ten minutes, I bought myself a plane ticket to Sydney and created an Airbnb account.

Our company has an office in Sydney, so I was able to explore a bit of the country without having to take even a day off of work (had to save that holiday time for my upcoming adventure with the hubby!). My plane left at about 6 a.m. and arrived at 8 a.m. local Sydney time (there’s a two-hour time difference).

Side note: The night before my departure, something terrible happened. I was just casually packing for my trip and getting ready for bed when I ventured into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was greeted by … I’m not exaggerating … the most gigantic, enormous, freakishly large, ridiculously big, titanically sized, supernaturally scaled bug I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s called a wetter. Google if it you feel like it. Needless to say, between the bug and the fact that I had to leave for the airport at 4 a.m., I didn’t get much sleep the night before I left for Sydney.

Anyway, after arriving at the Sydney airport, I took the train right downtown and went straight to our office, which is the home base of our account management team. I love working from our account management offices. Well, kind of. I love it because our content marketing strategists (CMSes) tend to be much more talkative and sociable than our editorial teams (talking is a big part of an account manager’s day, whereas we writers and editors tend to be glued to our computer screens). On the other hand, I don’t love it because it’s difficult to get much work done.

I worked from our Sydney office on Thursday, Friday and the following Monday. After work on Thursday, two of my coworkers took me out for drinks at the Opera Bar. The title is pretty self-explanatory: It’s an al fresco bar right outside the Sydney Opera House. We enjoyed wine, snacks, and sunset views of the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge. It also happened to be the first really warm spring day in Sydney. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was idyllic. This was my first taste of Sydney, and I began to fall in love with the city.



Friday was, for the most part, equally enjoyable. One of my coworkers had a birthday party that night, so after getting all dressed up and going out for Jamaican food, we went to his apartment for a little house party. I got to meet lots of fun, cool people – there were a few Sydneysiders as well as some American expats. We went out to the clubs afterward, which started off really well. We went to a couple of cool places before deciding to call it a night. I won’t go into the details here, but let’s just say the bouncers at clubs in Sydney are really touchy. (My advice: Don’t get sassy.)

picstitch (8)

Saturday was very peaceful – I pretty much just spent the day walking around the city and exploring the neighborhoods. (It took a lot of effort not to spell that “neighbourhoods.”) I’m pretty sure I walked about ten miles. I explored areas like Darlinghurst, Paddington, Potts Point, Kings Cross, and a bit of the CBD.

picstitch (9)

On Sunday, I ventured out to Bondi Beach. Bondi is a very well-known beach (definitely the most famous coastline in Sydney), and I had high hopes of going for a jog along the shoreline. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you love kites), there was a kite festival going on that day, which meant that there were wayyyyyyy too many people for my liking. I love big cities, but big, touristy crowds may be my least-favorurite (yep, I went for British spelling there) thing in the world. I ended up heading back after about an hour, but the beach itself was absolutely stunning. Seriously – it made the Caribbean look like Lake Michigan by comparison.




Monday was a pretty typical work day. I worked from our Sydney office during the day and then caught a flight back to Auckland around 7 p.m. I had fun in Sydney, but I was definitely ready to come “home” to Auckland. It may sound silly, but I missed my Kiwis. They are so sweet, friendly and laid-back. And Auckland is so much less pretentious than Sydney. Even if it does have ginormous bugs.

  1. Great write up Maggie. I remember our days in Sydney very well. Bought Grammies Opal ring there for Valentines day. The rest of the guys on our tour shunned me after that. GpJ

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