So I went to New Zealand Fashion Week …

A long time ago, College Maggie dreamed of being a fashion writer. She envisioned herself running from event to event, documenting interesting peoples’ parties and living for the next piece of overpriced merchandise. Deep in her heart, she knew that kind of life would never be hers – but that didn’t stop her from daydreaming about how awesome it’d be.

Twenty-six-year-old Maggie is a little more honest with herself. She realizes that she’s neither Type A enough nor cool enough to put quite that much stock in her image.

Seriously though, there is no way I could ever write about fashion for a living. I’ve tried to write about clothes in the past, and it basically involved about three hours of me sitting at a keyboard, wondering “OK, I said this outfit was cute. What else is there to say?”. It’s just not for me.

However, brushes with grandeur can be a good happy medium. I got to attend my first (and probably last) Fashion Week event last Thursday right here in Auckland!


Guess who had tickets? I’m sure this will come as a huge surprise: It was Hayley, my friend/boss/adventure buddy/idol/friend who seems to have it going on all the time.

Hayley got tickets through one of the artists whose work was displayed at the event. Ema Frost (no, the single ‘m’ isn’t a typo; yes, it’s a cool name; and yes, I realize she has the same name as the Marvel character) makes some really cool stuff!



The pieces she had on display ran the gamut from decorative throw pillows and knick-knacks to prints and full-size folding screens. She makes really fun, colorful and whimsical Japanese-inspired pop art – it has the effect of being both uplifting and a bit cheeky. I especially loved the throw pillows (I have a penchant for throw pillows – just ask my husband). I may have to pick one up for a souvenir before I leave New Zealand. I really love the one with the hummingbirds.



Ema herself was really nice and super accommodating – it was only thanks to her I got to attend this event at all!

Hayley and I also got to watch a runway show for Hailwood clothing. By the time we were admitted (plebeians that we are) it was standing-room only, but we didn’t mind! This was my first runway show, so I was pretty psyched.

picstitch (7)

The show itself was really cool – the collection was very much in-your-face, but in a classy way. Hailwood started off with some pretty, rocker-chic pieces, and made its way through artsy ponchos (my faves, of course) and on to sexy workweek ensembles.

And the models? They were gorgeous. I was super impressed by the ladies I saw rocking the fashions. They weren’t all stick figures, which I really appreciated. I was concerned, though, for the health of their knee joints – walking like that just isn’t natural.

In between admiring the fashions and the art, we sipped on bubbly and made conversation with other Fashion Week-goers. I wish I’d taken some pictures of real peoples’ outfits (yes, I am that creepy), but I was too focused on having a good time (and admittedly was trying not to look ridiculously out of place). The venue had three bars, from what I could tell. There also seemed to be some delicious food available, though I didn’t try any.



All in all, it was a great night. It was fun to rub elbows with people who are much cooler than I am. Still, I’m happy to return to my life as a (humble, hard-working, backpack-wearing) travel/health/lifestyle writer. The rest of you can take your shot at the fashion writing jobs.

  1. Love getting your news from New Zealand. We are both well. Went out looking for a dishwasher today as ours on it’s last leg. Tomorrow, Labor Day, going to the club for a pig roast. LOL

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