My Weekend: Yoga, a Party and Some Apartment Hunting

Well friends, this post comes to you from the future. It’s Monday morning here, and while you all head out to brunch and do whatever else you do on Sundays, I’ll be heading into work. My weekend was pretty busy, and I’m happy to say that I got quite a bit accomplished.

Friday night was relatively laid-back. I was invited to a coworker’s house for a game night (apparently there is a Game of Thrones board game!! How I hadn’t heard of this, I have no idea), but unfortunately I had to decline. I was supposed to be going to an apartment showing … but right as I was about to leave, I got an email saying that the group had already picked someone else.

So instead, I spent my Friday evening alone in my hotel. I made a really yummy curry dish, though.

Saturday was much more eventful. For starters, I found a yoga studio! This is extremely exciting, because I am one of those people who really needs to do yoga on a regular basis. Something about yoga just clicks for me. It allows me to focus (which is important, because my mind is usually running a mile a minute), gets me in great shape and gives me perspective. If I’m fearful or anxious about something, a yoga session will make the world seem brighter and less frightening.

I did a quick Google search and discovered that the Auckland Yoga Academy was right down the street. Unfortunately, I arrived to class half an hour late: Calendars start with Monday here, so when I looked at the class schedule, I mistook Sunday for Saturday. The yoga teacher was really welcoming, though, and encouraged me to join in with the class. And I loved it! The atmosphere was fantastic, and the studio focuses on Ashtanga yoga (one of the most traditional schools, as it is based pretty strictly off of the Indian Yoga Sutras), which I really enjoy.

After my class, I was really excited to get back into the swing of things with yoga. I practiced regularly in Chicago, but with all of the things I’ve had going on in the past month, I haven’t really had time to do much yoga. I was so in the zone that I continued posing once I got back to my hotel. I even discovered that there are apps that allow you to put a timer on your camera so you can take pictures of yourself!!! The following ensued:

photo 1

photo 3

So that was exciting. Saturday night was also quite fun. I was invited to a going away party for some coworkers who are moving, so I ventured out to attend that. Before the party, I got drinks with another coworker and her boyfriend at a really cute bar in one of the trendier districts in town. I’m trying to learn where all the hotspots are in Auckland, and there seem to be lots of cool places to go. The evening was great, and I got a chance to socialize with my new coworkers.


picstitch (1)

Sunday morning dawned wet and rainy, which was fine by me, as I love a good rainy morning. I went out to breakfast and then walked around the city for a bit. It was still pretty early – my body is really having a difficult time adjusting to the time difference here, so I wake up at like 6 a.m. every morning without fail. As you might expect at 8 a.m. on a Sunday, the city streets were mostly devoid of activity. Is there anything more peaceful and beautiful than a sleepy city drenched in gently falling rain? I don’t think so.


Sunday afternoon was spent apartment hunting. Let me tell you, finding flatmates in Auckland is not easy. One of the showings I went to was attended by 44 people – FOURTY-FOUR. How am I supposed to compete with 43 other people? With my good looks and charming personality, I guess. Well, hopefully I find a place soon – my employer is only putting me up at this hotel for a limited amount of time (and by “limited,” I mean that I’m technically supposed to be out of here in three days).

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